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​Terms of Service

These Terms of Use (hereinafter referred to as "Terms") The service provided by Seiai KIMONO (hereinafter referred to as "our company") on this website (hereinafter referred to as "Service"). It defines the terms of use of. All users of this service (hereinafter referred to as "users") are requested to use this service in accordance with this agreement.

Article 1 Application and change of this agreement

  1. This agreement shall apply to all relationships related to the use of this service between the user and our company.

  2. This agreement can add or change new provisions without the prior consent of the user by notifying the user by e-mail or other method that the Company deems appropriate without obtaining the prior consent of the user. Suppose.

Article 2 Sales contract

  1. When a user wishes to purchase a product, he / she can purchase the product according to the method specified by us.

  2. In this service, the sales contract shall be concluded when the user applies for the purchase to the Company and notifies the Company that the application has been accepted. The ownership of the product shall be transferred to the user when the Company delivers the product to the delivery company.

  3. The Company shall be able to cancel the sales contract set forth in the preceding paragraph without notifying the user in advance if the user falls under any of the following reasons.

  • If the user violates this agreement

  • When the delivery of the product is not completed due to unknown delivery address or long absence

  • In addition, when we admit that the relationship of trust between our company and the user has been damaged ​

​ Article 3 Payment method

  1. The payment amount of the product is the total of the purchase price including consumption tax, shipping fee, bank transfer fee and related handling fee including consumption tax.

  2. Payment of the purchased product shall be made by transfer to the bank account designated by us within 7 business days after applying for the purchase of this product.

Article 3 Intellectual property rights

The copyright or other intellectual property rights of the product photos and other contents (hereinafter referred to as "contents") provided by this service belong to the Company and the legitimate right holders such as the content providers, and the user shall These may not be reproduced, reprinted, modified, or otherwise used for secondary purposes without permission.

​ Article 4 Prohibitions

The user shall not do the following acts when using this service.

  1. Acts that violate the law or public order and morals

  2. Actions related to criminal acts

  3. Acts that infringe copyrights, trademark rights and other intellectual property rights included in this service

  4. Acts that destroy or interfere with the functionality of our servers or networks

  5. The act of using the information obtained by this service commercially

  6. The act of reselling a product purchased from us to a third party for commercial purposes, or providing it to a third party for resale or duplication purposes.

  7. Actions that may interfere with the operation of our services

  8. Unauthorized access or attempting this

  9. Acts of collecting or accumulating personal information about other users

  10. Acts of impersonating another user

  11. Acts that directly or indirectly benefit antisocial forces in connection with our services

  12. Other acts that the Company deems inappropriate

In addition, we may cancel the applicable order even after the order is completed.

Article 5 About product returns and exchanges

Please contact within 5 days after the item arrives.

Please note that in principle, we do not accept returns or exchanges due to customer's convenience (image is different, order is incorrect).

In addition, there may be differences in color and texture between the actual product and the photo screen you see.

Please note that we do not accept returns or exchanges in the following cases.

  1. Products that have been used once

  2. Products that have been damaged or soiled by the customer

  3. Application from a person other than the customer who purchased (concluded a sales contract)

We pay close attention to the quality of the product and the order details such as size, but if there is a defect or an error in the order details, we will replace it, so please contact us within 5 days after the product arrives. increase. In that case, the shipping fee will be borne by us, so please send it by cash on delivery.

Article 6 Limitation of liability

  1. The Company shall not be liable for any damages incurred by the user due to or in connection with the sale or purchase of purchased products.

  2. The Company shall not be liable for any guarantees or responsibilities other than those stipulated in the preceding article regarding the quality, performance, and compatibility with other products sold and sold in this service.

  3. ​ Any information that the user obtains from this service, etc. shall be judged at the user's responsibility, and the Company shall not make any guarantee.

  4. The Company shall not be liable for any damages caused by the user's violation of this agreement.

  5. ​ We are not responsible for any transactions, contacts, disputes, etc. that occur between users or between users and third parties other than users regarding purchased products. will do.

Article 6 Service interruption / suspension

  1. We may suspend or suspend part or all of our services without prior notice or consent to the user in the following cases.
    (1) In case of regular maintenance, update and emergency of this site (2) In case of difficulty in continuing operation of this site due to force majeure such as fire, power outage, natural disaster or other unforeseen circumstances

  2. The Company shall be exempted from liability even if any disadvantage or damage occurs to the user due to the above situation.

Article 7 Handling of personal information

​ The personal information we collect will be handled as follows. When you provide us with personal information, we kindly ask for your consent to the following handling.
1. 1. The purpose of using this personal information is as follows.
(1) Customer management (2) Sales of products and services (3) Packing and shipping of products (4) Guarantee and after-sales service (including inquiries from customers) (5) Information analysis (for purchasers) Analysis etc.)
(6) Guidance of information on new products and services and implementation of questionnaires to customers

As a general rule, we will not disclose the disclosed information to a third party without the prior consent of the user in the registration procedure and the subsequent change registration of the information.

Article 8 Governing Law

​ Japanese law shall apply to the establishment, effect, performance and interpretation of this Agreement.

Enacted on May 5, 2022

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